– 22 year old female working on self-confidence and relationships

“I appreciated Jennifer’s help so much. She was funny, had great analogies, and I felt she catered to the way that I wanted to work on things and learn.  She went my pace, and worked on things as I asked. She was also able to work in my beliefs with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how that […]

– 29 year old female working on relationship issues

“It is not easy to admit you’re jacked up to a complete stranger. It actually sucks really bad and hurts like hell. The first 8 weeks of my therapy I hurt bad. Physically, emotionally…the whole enchilada. But, slowly as each layer of hate was peeled back and thrown away I got better.”

– 15 year old female working on anger and self-esteem

“Jennifer really helped me throughout my trials and tribulations and she really got to know who I was and understood how to help me solve my problems. Jennifer definitely made it so each solution was specific to my problems and she made me feel as though I could tell her anything.”