Counseling Services

Cottonwood Creek Counseling has created a comfortable and supportive atmosphere to provide excellent counseling services for individuals, couples, and families in need. We use a highly personalized approach tailored to each client’s individual needs to help them attain the personal growth they’re striving for. We are skilled at addressing a variety of issues including:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Parenting Support
  • Grief Counseling
  • Marital Distress and Enrichment
  • Work and Career Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Anger Issues and Conflict Resolution
  • Intimacy and Relationship Difficulties
  • Communication Breakdowns
  • Step-Families and Co-Parenting
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Coping with Past Trauma or Abuse
  • Emotional Disconnect and Distancing
  • Extended Family and In-Law Problems
  • Infidelity and Affairs
  • Spiritual Struggles
  • Divorce Adjustment
  • Low Self-Esteem and Confidence Issues
  • Coping with ADHD
  • Trust Issues
  • LDS Based Therapy (upon request)
  • Life Stage Transitions and Change
  • Sexual Issues and Unwanted Behaviors
  • Pornography Addictions
  • Motivation, Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Self-Harming Behaviors
  • Body Issues
  • Unresolved Issues from Past
  • Assertiveness and Finding Your Voice

Seminars & Workshops

We also offer classes, seminars, workshops, and presentations on a variety of topics to community groups, corporations, and church organizations. Please contact our office for information on scheduling a speaking engagement at your location.  We can cover many mental health and relational topics based on the audience needs.  Some of our past presentation topics have included:

  • Emotional Wellness
  • Anxiety and Depression Management
  • Shame Resiliency
  • Five Love Languages
  • Marital Success and Enrichment
  • Parenting Strategies
  • Teen Success Strategies
  • Anger Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Sexual and Pornography Addictions
  • Pre-Marital Plans for Success